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Overcoming Roadblocks in Work and Life

This workbook is for you if you coach, train, speak or consult with:

  • Professionals at all levels (from entry-level to C-level)
  • Teams or Groups
  • Singles
  • People in Career Transition
  • Women’s or Men’s Groups
  • People with special physical, health, emotional or educational needs
  • Volunteers
  • Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Coaches, Speakers, Service Professionals
  • People in Relationships
  • Parents and Families
  • Religious or Spiritual groups
  • Salespeople


You know what a roadblock is if you have you have ever thought – or said – one of these: It wasn’t going to happen anyway; There’s no way to make this work.; It’s not worth it; Others sabotage my success; I don’t have enough time/money to do this; or I’ll do this later! The fact is, no matter what challenges you decide to take on—in work and in life—you’re bound to face obstacles that hinder, and sometimes even prevent, your progress. The good news is that roadblocks and obstacles are just a part of getting to where you want to go. This book provides proven strategies to anticipate common roadblocks – and to avoid or knock them down completely! 

The workbook includes:

  • An introduction letter - From You
  • What is a Roadblock?
  • Set SMART Goals
  • Six Steps to Effectively Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Strategy #1: Examine Your Experience
  • Strategy #2: Supply Your Toolkit
  • Strategy #3: Face Your Fear
  • Strategy #4: Boost Confidence
  • Strategy #5: Determine What Drives You
  • Strategy #6: Sideline the Blame Game
  • When the Hurdles Are Too High
  • I Made It! Now What?
  • Reflection Exercises
  • Action Oriented Worksheets
  • Quotations


Alternative Titles for this Workbook/Workshop

  • Brick Walls and Glass Ceilings: Overcoming Barriers in Work and Life
  • No More Excuses: Taking Charge of Work and Life
  • Jumping over Life’s Hurdles
  • Moving from “Can’t” to “CAN!”
  • Blast Through The Roadblocks that are Holding You Back
  • Overcoming My Own Worst Enemy


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